Friday, February 14, 2014

Baby bibs, fingerless gloves, pin cushions, and laundry soap

 I crocheted a new bib using vintage bibs as inspiration.  My bib:

My inspiration:

I will be writing up the pattern if there is interest.  Let me know.

My fingerless gloves are completed.

 I am placing the pin cushions on my Etsy site.  I added weights to the bottom of the pin cushion and on the top is a yo yo with emery grit inside.  Emery grit helps the needles and pins stay sharpened. 

This is the second batch of laundry soap.  I added less water and  it also separated.  I made a third batch with less water.


The third batch I made has separated a little bit, but I also eliminated more water.  I am planning on making 1 or two more batches of soap with a few variations and I will blog about it and show the results.  All of us want to save money and put out the least amount of effort doing so.

Thank you for viewing my blog.  I hope you have a wonderful week!

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Unknown said...

Perfect! The bibs that you made is very fabulous. I suppose that those bibs really inspired you in making it. Great job!