Saturday, December 21, 2013

Baking for the Holiday

It is snowing outside.  B made a large pot of chili.  The dogs are napping in the living room on the furniture.  The chickens are out, but under the roof in the screened area.  Since the meals have been taken care of, I am able to bake.  I made fudge earlier, there is a pear-cranberry sauce in the pot, and spritz cookies are just out of the oven.  The light is different outside when there is snow.  It gives off a light type of glow; beautiful!  We always made spritz cookies when I was growing up.  I thought they were better than the ordinary cookie since they had a design and didn't look like all of the other cookies.  With this batch I mixed in a green dye making the cookies marbled green and off-white.  I made trees with this marbled batter and sprinkled them with a light green sugar.  Some of the trees received a few colored beads.

How was your day?  I hope you had joyous times with friends and family.  Merry Christmas!

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