Sunday, June 3, 2012

A New Kind of Scarf

Kristen is modeling the scarf for me.

When I was at a craft fair, a couple ladies told me about making a new type of scarf. You do not knit or crochet this scarf it, you just knot it. One of the ladies who informed of this new technique stated that she used yarn from the thrift store and combined several colors and types.  She did not use ribbon.  The scarf yarn should start out about 3 or so yards long and end up about 2 yards long.  These are approx.lengths, you may want longer, or shorter to suite you and your style.  I like to use hand spun yarn since I can make any kind and give it a lot of interest.  I used a 100% hand-spun, hand-dyed kid mohair yarn which was mostly purple in color.  I unwound the yarn and re-wound it around two chairs, making it the right length for me.  Then I strung around this yarn several ribbons in the same color family giving it different textures.  Once this was done, I cut the scarf in one place and knotted it a few inches from the center on one side and repeated a knot on the other side.  One knot in the back of the neck would not be real comfortable when wearing this scarf.  About a foot down on each side from the knots, place another knot and repeat once or twice.  I think I had 6 knots all together with my scarf.   You really can not go wrong with this.  Make sure to trim the ends up so the yarns are fairly even.  Sew on buttons or trinkets randomly or use school colors and make each scarf uniquely yours.  Enjoy making and wearing your scarf!!!

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