Sunday, June 3, 2012

I ordered some fabric squares which are made from various shades of recycled blue denim.  My mom requested pot holders that already looked used as far as the colors go so they would not look nasty the first time you used them.  LOL  I thought denim would be a way to go, but put a pretty print on the other side.  Denim looks good even if it is worn and spotted.  I guess it is an American thing about liking worn denim and pairing it with anything.  I have made several pot holders and  I have several almost completed.  I used a batting which is 100% cotton and a special batting, (Insul-Bright), which transfers the heat back to where it came from when it is used.  In order to keep the thickness down around the edges and be able to sew through, I made pocket-like squares and placed the batting inside them.  Check out the actual jeans pocket one one side.  You can place your hand on the inside and use it like a mitt.  I tied the center like a quilt using embroidery floss.  Little hoops are on one corner of the pot holder for hanging up and various buttons, ribbon roses, etc. are on the corners by the hoops.  These decorative items can be removed if the recipient wishes to do so. 


50 Something Yoga said...

That is a neat idea! I have tons of denim and cotton fabrics; now just to get busy and make some. I think they would work great for candle holders as well; especially those that get a little warm. By setting it on a pot holder/hot pad the surface will not get discoloured from the heat.

I'll Pour said...

I hadn't thought about placing it under a candle. Good idea.