Saturday, November 5, 2011

Making your own lace and floral tape.

I have been looking on line a little too much lately.  When I do, I usually have to spend some money and try new things.  Well, that is the case again.  I purchased an inexpensive sticker maker.  I purchased it so I could make my own tape.  They have colored tape available and it is rather expensive and most of it is not girlie.  I have to have girlie and bling!  Simply I will explain how the machine works.  Your paper, or lace goes between two pieces of paper.  The bottom one has sticky on it.  The top one is a see through Mylar-type paper.  Where your item is, it will remove the sticky and the rest of the sticky is removed with the top Mylar-type paper as you rub across your creations.

I am demonstrating the new tape while recycling old junk faxes from work.  I use these bags for my free soap samples.   I will use the new tape for scrap booking, labels, stationary, packaging, etc.

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