Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a wonderful visit with family this weekend.
My big sister.

My mother doing what she does best----making repairs.

My great nephew

My niece and her son

What a cutie!!!

I have been reading other blocks and looking on Pinterest.  I noticed that several people were making flowers using coffee filters.  One of the methods uses the funnel type coffee filters and petals are cut from these filters.  They use thread to wrap around the base of the petals as the flower is built.  Then the flower is dipped into coffee and spice such as cinnamon.  I tried this method and I found that my dipping concoction was too thick.  I used an apple pie spice and cold coffee.  I rinsed off some of the concoction and what I had left on the flower was strong enough to be a delightful color and still have a heavenly fall fragrance.  To dry the roses, it is nice to have a cup to help keep the flower in proper form as it dries.  It would also be ideal to perch a flower on the top of a small paper cup as it dries. I learned how to make the roses of this method from

The second method of making flowers from coffee filters uses the standard type of filter.  You use about 3 filters and fold them in two pieces and then again fold or three more times.  Trim the pleated edge into curved petals or pointed petals.  I also used thread to wrap around the stem and dipped the flower into the same concoction that I used from the first flower.  Again, I used the cup to help maintain the flower shape.  The original method used a stem from wood and fabric.  My thought would be to place a flower on a twine handle of a brown gift sack.  Wouldn't this be a perfect sack to use for fall gifts, especially those like apple butter, or maybe even some of my home made fall soaps such as pumpkin spice, apple, or gingerbread with lemon sauce.  Once the flowers are dry, it is the best time to arrange the petals into your desired shape.  A cord or string can be tied onto the flower stems for easier attachment.

While doing the second project, It also gave me another idea.  I made a tag using paper, fabric and other sewing scraps and sewing these items on the tag using a sewing machine.  See the photo for my idea----there is not wrong way to make the tag.  I used the coffee filter for a ruffle on the bottom of it. is where I gleaned some of the ideas for the last flower method and tag ruffle.

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