Friday, September 17, 2010

Just for circular stickers.......

See the texture difference in the bottom paper.  This is the difference from making a copy from fabric printed onto paper and then printed, or fabric.  The picture above this one shows sticker samples.
I needed circular stickers approximately 1.5 inches wide. I wanted the stickers for lightly sealing a plastic bag. Twist ties just did not appeal to me for this project. I didn't want a white sticker since white always finds dirt. I found pretty stickers, but the cost was prohibitive, so I had to come up with an alternative method. I located pink circular labels which were able to go through the printer. I bought stamps and considered stamping each label. They were OK, but they just didn't float my boat. I downloaded a program to print the labels and make each with little flowers centered. That didn't quite work since the template was for 6 stickers across and I had 5 across. I tried to print backgrounds from a scrapbook program and that turned out OK. The background I thought would work best did not look well at all once the stickers were removed from the paper.  Still, these did not appeal to me.  Today, I used fabric to copy onto the paper.  Bingo!!!  I tried making a copy of the fabric and printing it onto labels, but the texture was not on the paper the way the texture was when fabric was copied directly onto the label paper.  I also found that a wrinkle or two added to the interest and texture of the labels.  I don't expect each circle to have a flower in the center.  Each circle looks as though I cut it directly from fabric, which is pleasing to me.  I have pictures to show you and I hope you like the results the way I do.  Thank you in advance for any comments you wish to share.  Blessings!

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