Monday, August 20, 2018

Needle Felting

I am still playing with the needle felting machine.  In this case, I crocheted a coaster from lace weight handspun yarn.  I used a cream and brownish ply for most of the center and a cream for the outside.  I kept looking at the coaster and the felting machine along with some new dark brown BFL locks.  I placed similarly sized locks under the coaster with the lighter side of each lock toward the outside.  I tried to space the locks the same all around. Then I  felted with the machine needles around the entire coaster just before the decorative edge.  When the needles went through the cream fiber of the coaster, small parts of this cream fiber came through the locks and felted them to the coaster.  I went around one more time just to make sure all was felted well.  The decorative edge is not felted and it rises just a tad bit.  I liked this look.  I may sew a vintage or vintage looking button in the center of the trivet.  

On my back deck airing out.  Ready for me to shake and wash.  It is a white-gray color.

What is on your needle, hooks, work in progress (wip)???  Thank you for viewing!  Dawnie

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