Sunday, April 8, 2018

Using Wool Locks

Wool locks can be used many ways.  I am making a rug at this time.  It will be a while before the reveal.  LOL  I have made trivets and placed the locks around the outside in the last row.  I like that look, but it is not real full.  I have placed locks into the wool and let them do their own thing and I get some great results.  I really like the look of crocheting or knitting a lock in a stitch.  The middle of the lock I feel will hold the lock in place the best.  It depends on what is made and who it is made for as to the best use of my locks.  I like to use hand-spun yarn when I crochet or knit the lock in place.  Of course, felting works well too.  I recently made a trivet for someone.  Her favorite color is blue, but other colors work fine too.  In the center of the trivet is a button containing a blue bird and a pink flower.  The locks are smaller locks and come from BFL (sheep breed) and dyed in various pink colors.  The yarn I used to crochet with is hand-spun.  It is mostly blue yarn, with one ply in blue with various colors and fibers, one ply in pink Merino, and one ply in pink cotton thread.  I started crocheting a circle in the normal style.  Once I had two rows crocheted, I would catch the center of a lock in a stitch and single crochet it twice in that stitch.  I would then put three stitches between the stitches.  If the trivet gets too big, I would crochet the second and third stitch between stitches together.  This method gave the trivet some fullness.  It is very fluffy and it can be shaken into place somewhat if it gets settled down.  Yes, I like shabby chic decor.  LOL
This looks like it is about 4" wide, but it is closer to 9 inches in diameter.

In the picture below, a little girl is telling me that I have too much wool.  LOL  She is being photo bombed in the picture by little Joy, the Toy Fox Terrier.  I don't get a lot of work done when the grand-daughter is here.  She likes to play tea and sit on my lap.  Trivets under teapots come in handy at our house.  

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