Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Rag Rugs and Other Things

I have lately found spinning and making rag rug items for my home keeping me busy when I am not at my full time job.  I recently made the table runner and a couple of hot pads.  I am crocheting a circular rag rug, but it is only about 2 feet in diameter.  I want it to be closer to 5 foot in diameter.  Crocheting with fabric takes me a lot longer to do than crocheting with yarn.  Part of this time is due to the attachment of fabric pieces every 44" or so. 

Next, I plan to make another type of of rag rug using a peg loom.  I will update you with the progress once I get started with that rug.  

I don't know why I have been fixated with rag rugs so much lately.  I have always loved them and find them to have a welcoming charm in any home.  I only use new fabric.  It is remarkable how long the bright and bold colors hold up in a rag rug.  My great-grandmother made the one in the following picture.  This rug is at least 58 years old.  It has been well worn and in a few places the fabric is unraveling. 

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