Sunday, July 16, 2017

Laundry and dirty laundry

I was almost out of laundry soap, so I made some laundry soap bars. This is the soap I use to make my laundry soap/laundry butter.  I decided to try the new "Fluid Acrylic Pour Technique done in soap," to make the soap more decorative.  I began using the top of plain coconut oil soap and two colors of purple since I used lavender fragrance oil in the soap.  This is a new technique we learned about in The Soap Challenge Club.  I only did a small amount on the top of the soap to practice.  Once you put small amounts of colored soap on the top, you blow air out of a straw into the soap making it fray out as a decoration.  This can be done one time or many times.  It is easiest to use in a tray mold since it gives it more space to spread out.  The number of colors can vary from 2 on up.  It works best if you use contrasting colors. 

Since I was talking about soap and dirty laundry, I am going to air some of our dirty laundry.  

Don't you just love the words that come out of the mouths of children? When my oldest grandchild needs to be held and given attention, she says, "Grandma I need you."  Not very often in this life do we get told that we are needed.  My son never could say the word comforter.  He always said he wanted a comfortable for his blanket. When we sing the song Baa Baa Black Sheep, my granddaughter sings Baa Baa Sheepies. There are a few other words that have been repeated and should have not been repeated.  Most of them have not come from my mouth.  Mother Ducker has just become a repeated word combination.  YIKES!  That is the word combination she says, but it is not exactly what the adults said.  Occasionally she likes to be funny and repeat another phrase that I actually said.  It came from her mom first in a similar phrase, so I blame her part way.  LOL  I said I needed to get my ass up and get something done.  Now my granddaughter teases me and tells me to get my ass up.  Then she giggles.  She knows it is not a nice word, but she loves to tease me.

I made a strawberry soap with a lot of cocoa butter, shea butter, lanolin, colloidal oatmeal, along with other ingredients.  The first batch contained raw cow milk.  The smell changed and it was no longer strawberry.  It smelled good, but not a fruit.

How was your week ?  I hope you are well.  Dawnie

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