Sunday, October 25, 2015

Pine Tar Soap

In the molds setting up.

This is what happens when soap  sets up fast.You get air pockets.

Pine tar soap is an old fashioned soap known to be helpful to people who suffer from skin ailments and itching.  Pine tar is used by farriers on horse hoofs for conditioning and for sores. I made a batch if pine tar soap this weekend.  In the batch, I used a blend of lavender, pink grapefruit, and lime essential oil to mellow out the strong pine tar smell.  I also used shea butter and raw milk.  It is all natural ingredients, but not vegan due to the milk usage. Once the pine tar is placed into the batter, the batter sets up very fast,  I learned that I shouldn't make large batches unless I placed all of the batter into one large slab mold, or had a helper for pouring batter into smaller molds.   

How was your week?  I hope it went well.  My dog and I had a quite a lot of nap time
bonding time on the recliner this weekend. 

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 Have a good week!  Dawnie

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