Sunday, June 21, 2015

Re-batch Soap

Once and a while I make a re-batched soap.   I use bits and pieces of previously made soaps and melt them down into a new soap.  The bits and pieces come from ugly soaps, end pieces, pieces trimmed off of bars, and from batches of failed soaps.   When I re-batch soap, I chop or shred the pieces of soap and place them into a crock pot.  I then add raw milk and a bit of water to aid in melting the bits and pieces.  I intentionally add some larger pieces which do not melt all of the way down.  If the larger pieces are able to be bright pretty colors it adds to the beauty of the re-batch bars.  Most of the soap pieces melt down to a brown color, so the bright pieces really are desired.  Once the soap is mostly melted down I usually add a fragrance, but it may be fragrant enough since the pieces of soap all have varied fragrances melted into one.   Re-batch soap can be made with one batch of ugly or failed soap.  Due to the additional amount of liquid used in the melting process, the bars may shrink and leave a concave look where the sides are slightly higher than the center.  I usually cut the top of each bar off because it does not set up smoothly and this step usually eliminates that concave look.  It is best to place the soap into a log mold where the bars are cut leaving some of the larger bits and pieces exposed.  If I place the soap into molds that pop out an individual bar of soap, the colored pieces will not show up until you start using the soap.

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