Monday, January 26, 2015

Beard Oil

I made beard oil last week.  Beard oil is usually a blend of oils and essential oils made to moisturize the skin and keep the beard soft, styled, and healthy looking.   Many men have itchy skin under their lovely beards.   Since 2006 beard oil has become extremely popular, but mostly available in male boutique stores and on-line.

3 men are using the beard oil I made.  One is using it for his dry forearms.  One is using it for his goatee.  The third man has a full beard about 8 inches long.  All 3 of the men love the fragrance.  The man with the full beard says he uses the oil twice a day.  The beard is shiny just after putting it on, but the beard soaks it up.  He says the beard is much softer too.  

I used the recipe from Bramble Berry Soap Making Supplies.

The oil Ingredients are Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Buckthorn Extract, and Mahogany Fragrance Oil

I personally do not like the Mahogney fragrance, but everyone else does.

If you are looking for a Valentine gift for a man, this may be what you are looking for.  

New sales pitch:   Keep those fly away hairs down and tame that mighty beast by using Beard Taming Oil from Custer Cottage.  LOL

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 Have a great week!  Dawnie


Unknown said...

Bread oil, which is made of natural oil does not cause any side effect like pimples, itching etc. They also act as a anti aging.

I'll Pour said...
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I'll Pour said...

Thank you alexisflorex. You are right, the newest one I make soaks right in and does not have any side effects except for nice looking and feeling beard and skin. I had other testers since I made this one and all have enjoyed the oil except for one. He wanted a thicker gel so he could style his beard.