Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This and That and a Little More

I have 4 friends and relatives expecting babies before the first of the year.  Three of the babies are expected to be boys and the fourth is unknown as of this date.  I like to make a little something for babies, especially if they are family or close personal friends.  I made a few hats earlier this year---before I went on the pot holder binge.  I am not on the baby bootie binge.  So far I have only made two pair of booties. What is on your knitting needles or crochet hook?

I ordered a large yarn order and it arrived today!  I like to work with cotton yarn in a lighter weight, but not in the crochet cotton weight.  This is the type of yarn I use for pot holders, some baby clothes, wash cloths or dish cloths.  I like to use bright colors so brands without a bright pretty cotton candy pink are not contenders.  I also do not like yarn to split when knitting or crocheting with it.  If there are several plies twisted together and one strand does not get picked up with the needle or hook, there will be a stray strand poking out of my work.  The yarn is not as strong when it is missing a stray strand.  I have been using Catania Yarn.  They have the best pink, even though they call it orchard.  LOL

Do you remember a few years ago I blogged about a pair of tennis shoes on a stump in the back yard of a house that neighbors my place of employment.  This same pair of tennis shoes is still there on the stump in the back yard.  When the lawn is mowed, they mow around the shoes.  What would be the purpose?  I guess they would work well as bird feeders. 

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Taken For Granted said...

Hi Dawn, thanks for joining my photo blog. Welcome, and stop back often. I've always got something different to see. I see you are a spinner and knitter. Know a number of people who do that. And, yes please, I would love a cup.