Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cozy Up With Custer Cottage

I am working on a special order.  A friend will be by the showers when she and her spouse attend a large bikers rally.  They want to have soap packages available for the bikers to purchase.  The  packages are designed to be used and the left overs tossed.  If they want to wrap the washrag and the soap and take it with them, they are welcome to do so since plastic bags will be available.   I am making the bars one ounce or so in weight, which is well more than most people will need.  I think my friend will probably recycle any left over washrags.   The ribbon tie has my company name on it.  When you think that bikers will not want the pink tie, remember that some bikers are women.  Business cards will be in the packages so they can take info. about my company home with them.  They may want to place an internet order later when they have experienced the cozy comfort of Custer Cottage.  Maybe they will even order one of my tea cozies too.  LOL  Oh, this soap does not contain glitter and it is not highly fragrant.  Most of you know that I like glitter, so I did not toss all of my sparkle side away---the Custer Cottage print on the ribbon ties is iridescent and it sparkles!  Shine and Sparkle On!  Dawn

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Hippie Heart said...

I think these are really cool!