Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fir Balls.....................Soap

As I was making the last batch of soap I decided to make another batch with a more manly fragrance and humor.  LOL  I had some of the soap left over and I placed it into  a small mold, knowing that I would be forming soap balls later, once it hardened a little.  The soap was mostly medium to dark green with a few white and light colored specks in it.  When this soap was hard enough to stay in shape, I placed all of the soap allocated for soap balls into the food processor and shredded it up.  Then I rolled it into small balls from 1/2 to 3/4 inch in diameter.  I was not concerned with the balls being in perfect shape.  I like them into a variety of the sizes and shapes since it gives the viewer a more pleasing view.  After that, I rolled the balls into black caraway seeds, using a plastic bag.  What man doesn't like a little extra exfoliation, right?  The extra caraway seeds that fall off of the balls and any extra green shreds would just add to the visual interest.  I left the balls to harden for a few days.
Since the balls were green and the plastic lid I placed the balls on was red, I was thinking about Christmas.  That reminded me of Christmas trees and my co-worker has recently mentioned the hairballs her cat has removed, and another co-worker reminded me that his favorite soap I made was dingle berry, which was a gag gift......and,.........well,......uh, all of this was in my head and I decided to call the soap fir balls and use balsam fir fragrance as the main fragrance.  Now you know how my mind works.  Soon I will see men with a white funny jacket coming to see me.

The Fir Ball soap is made and I tried to pour the first half at beginning trace.  It had a few green swirls in it.  Three silicone molds were placed at an angle so the first pour would be a triangle of soap.  I then placed the balls in randomly when the bottom angle set up slightly.  It was able to hold the balls up somewhat.  The top angle was mostly a white but it did contain a few green swirls.  I also made leaves and a third log mold, but this mold was not placed at an angle.  A soaping friend of mine told me that she makes soap and places it in the refrigerator or freezer and it does not go through the gel phase and she thinks it is creamer and has a better texture.  I was finally able to try that with this soap.  I think I agree, so I may need to tweak my methods and try this more often.  Thank you for that helpful hint Dawn!

I think the soap turned out beautiful.  It is creamy colored and it has a lovely pine smell.  It reminds me of my trip to The Dakotas.  Unlike Kansas, in the densely wooded areas a pine fragrance lingers in the air.  A few men requested a glitter free soap, so here it is.  My new MAN soap.....Fir Balls.

If you are not a soap maker, I do appreciate you reading my blog and I hope you do find it of interest.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope you and yours are truly blessed!  Dawn 

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