Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kid Mohair Spinning Fun

Out of the dye pot.

Pulled apart.  This is the actual color.  The other pictures turned out dull.

Before the twist was set.
I know tail spinning is popular, but the yarn is very heavy and can be difficult to work with, and expensive.  My choice for novelty yarn is Mohair.   I like to purchase raw Kid Mohair from the farmer and scower it, rainbow dye it, and spin the wool myself.  Instead of carding the mohair, I pull it apart.  A few fibers will stick together, but I try not to let too many stick together.  I let the yarn go into the wheel orface and I give it a little guidance trying not to let it get too thick in spots and I add a little to the twist if there is not enough bounce or thickness.  I can do this as a one-ply yarn or use several plies.  If it is a single ply yarn, I set the twist before I use it.  Thank you for tuning in tonight.  I wish you and yours many blessings!  Dawn

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