Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tablecloths and Carrot Soap

New soap.  Carrot Patch??  Carrot Cake??? Carrot Garden? Carrot Top
(carrot seed oil and pureed carrot is in the soap)

I decided to make a tablecloth for a folding portable table for taking to craft fairs, art markets, and festivals.  I wanted to make a tablecloth which was gathered around the top.  I can use the tablecloth alone, or place a longer tablecloth under this one on and allow this tablecloth to hold the other table cloth down.  Some of the fairs and festivals are outdoors and Kansas has strong wind.  This works perfect!  I cut the top tablecloth 4 inches larger than the table on each side.   I folded the sides in ¾” and sewed close to the raw edge.  The corners were mitered as I sewed.   I strung ribbon through the casing and tighten the ribbon to fit when placing the tablecloth on the table. Elastic would work great also.   The under tablecloth I used covered the top of the table and went down to the floor in the front of the table.  Both tablecloths are not the same color.

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