Friday, July 3, 2009

What You Doin?

What have I been up to lately? Sometimes I get busy and do not post, but that doesn't mean that I have given up all of my creative endeavors. I have posted a collective assortment of a few projects and then posted the individual projects. Project #1 is a large batch of lemon lavender lotion. Say that 10 times fast! Project #2 is a prototype tea cozy for me. It is still in the beginning stages. I found this wonderful yarn at Twist Yarn Shop. Yes, I know that I can make my own, but sometimes you want too just knit and not make the yarn first, and uh well, , it was pink! This is actually pretty unusual yarn. It was made into a garment, ripped out, cleaned, stretched, and sold again. So they call this frogging since they are ripping, or ribbiting the old stitches out. This was from Frogged for Ewe. Good idea! I guess I can say I recycled this year! Project #3 is a dome type tea cozy awaiting a lining. This is made from acrylic yarn. Project #4 is blue wool yarn, single ply and novelty spun. I added extra wool into the twist sideways as I was spinning. This gives it a soft texture with a lot of extra bumps. I have a project in mind, but it will have to wait.

Project #1
Project #2
Project #3
Project #4
Any comments?

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